Game Day

Please bring a good attitude and a desire to play fairly.  Our number 1 goal is to be safe and have a great day outdoors. It helps us start on time if you can sign the safety waiver online before coming to the field.  The field fee is $20.00 per player. Rentals are $10.00 each.  


Our typical day starts with opening the parking lot at 1230, registration from 1230 to 1255 and safety briefing at 12:55pm.

Remember - Safety is the priority.  

Call your hits. You must have a dead rag. A dead rag is required to play and the only way we identify eliminated players.

When in doubt, call yourself out.


The first games start at 1pm and are semi auto force on force in Squirrel Town. 

The objective is to grab a briefcase from the Library and return to your starting point. These games are fast paced and usually last no longer than 10 minutes. We plan for as many games as possible here in the first hour,  switching sides every game.  This a no medic or respawn game. Dead is dead.

At 2:00 we break for resupply and at 2:10 we start Squirrel Town vs Badgerville.  

The objective is to obtain Simons Treat Box  from Lagos and take to the other team's starting point. Medics and respawns are in play.  If shot, pull the dead rag and wait for one minute. Then call for Medic and don't move or say anything other than medic.  If you move, the Medic can no longer assist you and you must go to respawn hospital.  Squirrels go to Squirrel Town Hospital, Badgers to Badgerville Hospital.  The Medic or any player can move you with contact, and you are revived by the medic only with 60 slow and intentional pats.  Once revived, use good judgement before engaging opposing force.  Meaning move before shooting. We plan for two games during this time. 


3:45 Break and then Chaos  

Multiple Teams.  This is a game of assimilation.  All players are Medics. Same team can Medic or opposing force can Medic and then join forces. The objective is survival and assimilation. Remember to make a call sign, and plan on lots of confusing situations. The last minute of the game results in having one giant team fighting against one player. Hard rules are you must be shot off of a team, and you must have a dead rag.

The final whistle to end the day is at 5pm sharp.


Tuesdays - We stage at 530 to 550, and then play Squirrel Town warm up games for thirty minutes, then break and go to Chaos. Tuesdays are Semi Auto Only the entire night.


What to Bring - A good attitude. Long sleeve shirt, pants, and gloves. Full seal eye pro. Preferably old clothes with a camo pattern, that can get dirty. Water to drink. Our emphasis is on the field, so we do not have a store or a food shop. Come prepared!



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