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Augusta Airsoft is a friends and family oriented public field in central Virginia. It was built by one Dad, three Sons, and three incredible co-workers after visiting Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake. We are open every Sat and Sun at 12:30pm for staging and play 1 to 5 pm for $25.00  in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, or shine. . Tuesdays - Stage at 530 and play 6pm  to 745pm for $20.00. Rentals include mask, gun, magazine, and bbs for $15 additional dollars.

All are welcome. If you are full milsim or if you have a spring pistol and are curious please come check us out. Our goal is to build a community and play safe, and we need players of all abilities and levels to do that. The only requirements are: you come to have fun, bring a positive attitude, and remember this is just a game and we will play a lot of games in four hours. If you are willing to call your hits we will be well on our way to having a great time together. 


If you are unsure, come out and watch, ask questions, meet us, visit and see if the field is a good fit. We think you will find it time well spent and will want to return. 


We currently average 35 players in the freezing rain or 50 in the sunshine. Our best days have been when we were able to spend the day outside, make new friends, shoot a lot of bbs, and create memories to share for the rest of the week. We have already met great people like the Staff of Airsoft GI - Gi Tactical, Stuarts Draft gang, Matt D and Riverheads, Geoff and Thomas F, Mawyer and the Fishburne Club, Harrisonburg, Cameron S from Draft, Will D from Lburg, Airsoft Club Virginia Tech, Vince and the Russians, and Gabe, Dalton T and Marty with Camo.  We are very thankful to have met such a good group over the last ten years.

We have Valken M4 replica rifles for rent. Currently, we can outfit 45 players with equipment if we know in advance. Please email us at augustaairsoftllc@gmail.com or text 1.540.470.8713 to reserve. It is first come first served otherwise and we hate to disappoint.

Our goal is to provide a safe and unique field where players can have fun and create a positive memory. We have worked hard to secure land, create a site plan, obtain the county's approval, secure a business license, build a parking lot, and create a field where people can enjoy the sport of Airsoft. It took us over a year to develop and secure the permit so we are thankful to be playing each Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday now.

We believe Airsoft is a great way to build communication skills, teamwork, and integrity.  Come out and see for yourself what makes it so much fun!


All of our fees are reinvested into more infrastructure and more equipment. We now have three towns - Squirrel, Badgerville, Dogtown, Hare University, and 3/10s Tabernacle plus 1,800 LF of trenches. Come out and Play!


If not with us - Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake Virginia - it is a fantastic place - full-sized town, 100 acres, full pro shop and amazing people. Also, Tactical Airsoft Arena in Manassas - indoor CQB at its finest. Also, check out Roanoke Airsoft in Moneta, Rush Airsoft in Surry, and CZ Airsoft in Rhodesville, River City in Richmond, Harpers Ferry Airsoft, or search for a field near you.



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